Concrete Self-Load Vehicles

MT Mixers is the exclusive Egypt dealer for FIORI Group, the Italian world leader in the manufacturing of concrete self-load vehicles, a 3-in-1 vehicle that loads, weighs and mixes the concrete fresh onsite.

Fiori DB 110

Thanks to its width (1,580 mm), this compact vehicle enables access where spaces are restricted at building sites.

The DB 110, with articulated chassis and differential swivelling axle, is particularly suitable for use in urban areas, inside buildings etc. Although the vehicle is compact, its roomy cabin nevertheless affords considerable driver comfort. Further features of this small self-loading concrete mixer from the FIORI GROUP’s range of products are: driving reversibility, four-wheel drive and a double-cone mixing drum with double helix and convex bottom.

Fiori DB 180

Although compact, this is a high productivity vehicle. It can therefore be used during large-scale work, given its unrivalled agility and stability, as a four-wheel drive vehicle with articulated chassis and differential swivelling axle.

The DB 180 enables independent production of top quality concrete, delivered direct to any site, whether in an urban setting or located in some remote or inaccessible area. As an economic version and user-friendly vehicle endowed with an optimal daily productivity rating (potentially over 60 m³ of concrete), the DB 180 is an ideal self-loading concrete mixer for rental business and for use in difficult maintenance work areas.

Fiori DB 260

DB 260 is a self-loading concrete mixer with 2.5 m³ yield. It is characterised by optimal visibility from the cabin and by the ergonomic position of the operator, resulting from the driver’s seat reversibility and the drum rotation system for 360° download.

It is equipped with a unique device for automatic water dosing, tip-off function during loading, and a specially shaped and designed drum to optimise dosing and mixing operations to assure concrete homogeneity. The technology employed in the CBV versions, the innovative computerised system that manages the production process (optional), allows the operator’s errors to be reduced to a minimum, assuring consistency, repeatability and quality of the concrete batch, even in the most demanding conditions.

Fiori DB 460

A unique product in the market of self-loading concrete mixers, this extremely compact, agile and price-worth machine provides a 4.0 m³ concrete yield and a daily productivity amounting to 90/100 m³.

The machines in the DB 460 range may be used as an alternative to small and medium-sized concrete-mixing systems, as they provide great handling (enhanced by the reversible driver’s seat and the drum rotation system for 360° download), flexibility and autonomy. Being equipped with an innovative computerised production system, the DB 460 machines are capable of producing top quality certified concrete. Consistency, repeatability and quality of the concrete batch are the unprecedented advantages offered by the CBV technology, an exclusive feature of FIORI GROUP’s self-loading mixers.

Fiori DB X25

In the self-loading mixer class with 2.5 m3 yield, DB X25 is the most compact and price-worth model today available on the market.

Extremely compact in size, with outstanding handling and stability features resulting from its very low centre of gravity, this version is also characterised by a wide cabin windscreen that improves visibility during casting operations. Easy to use, compact and reliable, DB X25 is the perfect solution for rental purposes and for those who wish to achieve their ROI quickly and always maintaining the renowned quality of concrete delivered by the self-loading concrete mixers from FIORI GROUP.

Fiori DB X35

DB X35 (transportable in containers) is the most compact and price-worth concrete mixer with front self-loading system in its class: its small dimensions, combined with excellent handling and stability features, assure a max. performance of 3.5 m³ concrete.

The wide cabin windscreen and the specially designed loading arms dramatically improve visibility during casting operations. This high-productivity self loading concrete mixer is price-worth, easy to use, features excellent daily performance (it may reach even 100 m³ of concrete) and reliability: thanks to these characteristics, it is the ideal solution for rental purposes and for maintenance operations.

Fiori DB X50

Best price and productivity are the distinguishing features of DB X50, the most price-worthy and performing concrete mixer with front self-loading system ever manufactured. With its reduced dimensions, compactness and handling, DB X50 features a top yield of 5.0 m3 concrete.

The special position of the drum and the design of the arm-unloading chute system (with hydraulic lifting as standard equipment) improve visibility during casting operations. Provided with an innovative grab bucket that maximises loading operations, this product can achieve a daily productivity of 120-130 m3 concrete. DB X50 can come equipped with an exclusive computerised system for managing the CBV production process (optional) and so obtain a certified quality concrete. Everywhere.